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looking out for our communities

Meth Watch is a proven and accessible program that has resulted in methamphetamine lab seizures, hampered small toxic lab methamphetamine production, and decreased pseudoephedrine product losses by retailers. While retail involvement is key, Meth Watch is a voluntary program that involves many people at the community level.

Participating retailers strategically post Meth Watch signs on their store fronts. Using a specially developed web-learning portal, they train their employees to recognize suspicious transactions, without confronting or identifying the customer, and to contact law enforcement when these take place.

What's in it for retailers?

Retailers are a prime target for methamphetamine cooks who may steal or buy large quantities of precursor products from their stores. Methamphetamine cooks and addicts can be dangerous and no retailer wants to be a potential source for a methamphetamine cook looking to manufacture this awful drug.

Retailers participating in the Meth Watch program report safer stores, better customer relations, increased employee awareness, and improved communications with law enforcement. Many stores have experienced a decrease in loss from theft that is directly related to their participation in Meth Watch. Meth Watch partners are helping to unite their communities against drug abuse.